Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SMR 11/12

Smoky Mountain Reflections
November 2012

            As we went through the budgetary & nominating process and we had our annual planning meeting on October 13th, I mentioned in passing that many of us have often heard the phrase “90% of the work is done by 10% of the people.”  While I have observed some truth to that statement in my life experiences, it is an idiom that really does not apply to the family I serve here at Saint Paul.  So give me a moment of your time as I brag a little bit about the congregation of people which I have been blessed to serve.  As I pondered this question, I was convinced that almost half our congregation is actively involved in some sort of service that makes Saint Paul Lutheran Church a bright beacon of Gospel truth in our community.  I also considered that many of you may not know all the good that is done here and in our community on your behalf for the sake of the Gospel.
I have in the past pointed out the ministries and services we support. We regularly note them here in the newsletter and in our weekly announcements....take time to read them. 
            Now I know we are not supposed to brag, and I also know that all the work people do here is to the glory of God and not for themselves, but how can people say thank you for a job well done if you do not know who did it? …or even that it was done?  Besides, God tells us in His word to encourage one another.  So the list that follows is offered so you can thank each other for dedicated service to God.  This list is alphabetical and it is brief and certainly incomplete. Many are not on this list, but that does not mean they are not doing their part.  Quite to the contrary, some have served God’s church for decades and are in a different season of their life now, participating through prayer and encouragement. Others are new to the church and still discovering what it is God would have them do.  God has called some to praying and providing resources for God’s work.  And my final caveat…your very human pastor may have forgotten the great job you did for God’s church because so many are doing so much.  So here goes…..

            I would like at this point to depart from my monthly newsletter article and speak to my blog audience...all two or three of you :-).  If you would like to see the long list of names and tasks just go to our Church website @ and you can read this article in its original form by going to the newsletter tab in a week or two.  What I would like my blog audience to do is take time to do a quick inventory of all the church related or charitable tasks that those in your congregation may be surprised...go through your directory and find out what every body is doing for your Church or the community, and then take time to thank them for their service or give them a word of back to the original article...   

  If you do the math, that is over 40% of you who are actively doing things to serve here at Saint Paul.  And as I said, I am sure this list is incomplete.  This does not reflect our prayers, our financial supporters, all who are involved in our Bible studies, Scouting, Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministry  Woman's Care Center, Food Bank and other activities that our church supports.  So take time this month to be thankful and find someone that you didn't know does something for the church, and thank him or her.

In Christ
Pastor Portier    

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