Wednesday, February 3, 2016

# 167 Be a Champion for Life

Smoky Mountain Reflections #167

            Sometimes our Church body stands on the front line on issues of great importance. That was the case on Friday the 22nd of January just hours before a great blizzard hit the DC area. The group that was scheduled to carry the lead banner for the national march for life did not show up, and our contingent seen here in yellow ponchos and lime green caps was called to take their place. It is times like this that I am proud to be an LCMS Lutheran.

            As I reflect on the sanctity of human life, I have a few questions to ask those who would argue that the prochoice movement is about woman’s health. Please feel free to use these question with speaking the truth in love to your prochoice friends and family.  If abortion is just a simple medical procedure, but when a state tries to pass laws treating it as a medical procedure the prochoice movement fights it as infringement on the rights of woman. why are there so many inconsistencies in practice and application of the prochoice position?

Here are just a few examples: Licensing: you need a license to cut hair, drive a car, hunt, or fish, but there are still places in our country that do not require licensing for abortion clinics. Why? If this is a simple medical procedure would it not be in the best interest of woman if every person and location that did these invasive medical procedures that can have complications that lead to death, would simply be licensed, and inspected like any other medical facility.

            In an era of electronic payment methods most planned parenthood clinics take payments in cash only. Why you may ask? Because those the charge “these fees for service” are often very unhappy with the negative and painful side effects of this decision and they cancel checks, and stop payment or contest payment and often this “not for profit organization” loses the chance to make a buck.

            Hospital admission privileges: In order for a Doctor to have such privileges they must meet certain medical standards that are in the best interest of their patients. Sadly, there are abortionist who cannot meet those standards that are legally conducting abortions and collecting fees today. How does this protect woman?

            And finally if our church were to donate funds to a political campaign we would justifiably have our 501c3 status revoked. Why can Planned Parenthood give money to political campaigns? And not have their non-profit status questioned. While at the same time receiving over 50 million in tax dollars.

            It really is time for us to stand and be counted among those who champion the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. In this month of Love and candy hearts remember that speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, regardless of the consequences is a truly selfless act of love.

In Christ

Pastor Portier 

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