Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#192 Gender Madness

Smoky Mountain Reflections #192

            I sadly had to write this email response to a Boy Scout Troop that has used our facilities in the past but sadly things have changed much in the BSA since then. I wrote Mr. Moore, It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you we have decided not to host your troop. This is not reflection on what good guest you all were on your last visit. Because you were very good guest. This is not in any way a condemnation of you or your troop. We have every reason to believe you all to be fine upstanding individuals. However, It is a sad reality that our church cannot associate itself with a national organization that publicly calls sin a lifestyle choice by its policy’s. Because by such an association we would indirectly affirm what God condemns. This is not a God pleasing option for the bride of Christ. If in the future you are able to affect changes in your association with or the policies of the Scouting BSA organization. we would then be able to reconsider your request. My regards and prayers for you and your troop to have a safe and blessed summer, In Christ Pastor Portier

During the same week also wanted to communicate to the world via Facebook that I will not be participating in the Gender Madness that our society is currently engaged in. I used a piece of art work showing colorful gender options with the word NO scribbled over it. as an attention grabber. It did get some attention and as of this writing about 30 people have made over 60 comments in the current thread. Unfortunately, in a world of identity politics speaking for the truth makes us a bad guy. I have these online conversations because it helps others see that we can speak the truth in love especially since Scripture and Science is on our side.

            One of the commenters said that calling Gender Madness and using that art work was not Christian way to speak the truth in love and said I was attacking others. I disagree and here is how I responded. “Note my comment is not on the individuals it is against our societies affirming confused behaviors. So my critique is of our SOCIETIES GENDER MADNESS. not poor confused individuals who we should encourage, helped and prayed for as we help them to carry their cross, while carrying next to them our own.”

I was asked how any of this harmed me and I pointed out that this is an issue is harmful to our society. “I further said “  Do you not see how anything that harms the family harms us all? I am a Pastor but my call to witness is no greater or less than yours. I must carry myself in all public and private forums in a way that reflects well on my lord and savior. It is not really my Job to lead people to Christ that is the Holy Spirits work. It is my call as it is the call of every Christian to speak the truth in love. this is part of the witnessing conversation. today at least a dozen if not dozens of people I would not have otherwise today had the opportunity to share the gospel with have at least at some level been exposed to it. There is no sinful desire or activity that Christ did not die for (He loves and forgives ALL) but If the Church or Christians tell people that their desires which are clearly called sin in God’s word are OK, (of course being confused is not sinful but having sinful desires is) (affirming sinful behavior is also sin) then they will think they do not need God or His forgiveness and that is a much worse fate than being offended by a post that might get their attention long enough for the Holy Spirit to work repentance and faith, Lord let it be so.

There was also a comment but an old ship mate of mine from National Geographic that was a propaganda piece for Gender Fluidity. Here was my response to that. “There is no science in this anecdotal propaganda piece. Science is based on evidence (what someone feels them self to be is not evidence) on that Logic if I choose to feel like a book can I really be a book? of course not. Gender is a non-biological construct connected to behaviors. The science of Biology teaches that Homo-sapiens are Binary. Male and Female, no other genetic category exists. Anomalies and mistakes in the genetic code can and do produce defects such as hermaphrodite but those who have such a condition are to be loved and cared for and until just a few years ago encouraged to choose to function as male or female for their psychical and mental health and hormone treatment was used to help with a defect. Now our society says if you an athlete you will be fined and excluded from participation if you take hormones to boost your performance because it is harmful to your health this is good because it is good for the health of all. in the same way it is madness to say it is good to give a little boy estrogen if he thinks he is a girl.....MADNESSS! Those who have any confusion about their biology should not be butchered and medicated to shorten their lives. THAT IS EVIL MADNESS! They should be loved and cared for by being told how to live in a healthy affirmation of their biology.”

I know this is a little long, but I want to help others see by my example we can speak the truth in love, by calling a thing what it is but at the same time being as winsome and kind as possible. There is one last part of the conversation I would like to share with you. I asked one of the detractors how I might better get peoples attention to speak this truth and he said start with scripture and how it speaks to the issue. That is not a bad idea in one on one conversation but in open conversations when people of many view are reading or listening I responded in this way. “I find when speaking or writing in a public forum. people who do not believe in scripture see citing it for authority as annoying and unproductive so starting with scripture will not start a conversation with them. And People who do know scripture fall in two categories people who agree with Gods word which on this topic is very clear God created them male and female….and every aspect of human existence is couched in the context of a binary male / female reality and anything that violates it is sin. (So that group does not need scripture for any convincing) And those who know what it says but play a game of words, obfuscating and equivocating to try to say Gods word dose not condemn anything associated with a gender fluidity view. So, they are either dishonest or ignorant and serving their agenda. So, starting with scripture is actually counterproductive them. Especially when all of Biology & any and all medical and psychological science is on our side. (excluding of course some aspects of that have been highjacked and are not ignoring scientific fact to join in the Lie Parade). So, I will continue to point out the fact that Biology is clear, and I will continue to be called a bigot by bigots.” OK enough on Identify politics already I hope some of this has been helpful. Hopefully I can find something a little more pleasant to reflect on next month until then have a blessed summer

In Christ
Pastor Portier


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